Inside the sofa can be a strange and mysterious place!

Posted on February 6th, 2015

In our line of work we have the dubious pleasures of opening up sofas… Whilst we have never come across that “lost diamond ring” or watch we have found some other strange and mysterious items ranging from the very common coinage, remote controls and hairbrushes to the less frequent mobile phone (one from 1989!), t-shirts and once a ticket to see Nottingham Forest play Luton Town in the 1959 FA Cup Final!

It turns out that our finds are not in the slightest bit interesting when compared to these things fished out from the depths of the sofa!

1. Vickie Mendenhall bought more than she bargained for when she purchased a second hand sofa in Washington… On getting it home there was a mewing sound from the bowels of the sofa and upon investigation they found that the sofa was sold complete with a free cat!

2. In 1972 a Nigerian murderer decided that the best place to hide the murder weapon (a large, very sharp knife) would be down the back of the couch… Not only did the sofa become a little less comfortable, but it turns out that the crack between the cushions is not a portal to another dimension and the cops found the offending article complete with fingerprints pretty quickly!

3.In a similar incident to the cat in the sofa Holly Wright bought a second hand sofa on Craigslist (US version of Gumtree). This one came with a free PYTHON!

4. In 2008 Rebecca Wells found a chocolate bar down the back of the settee… Not so odd, but it turns out that this was a Cadbury’s Wispa which had been discontinued 5 years before. You’d think that would be ready for the dustbin, right? No, Rebecca put in on EBay and sold it for HUNDREDS OF POUNDS! Shortly afterwards an internet campaign saw the Wispa reintroduced.

5. Talking of £100’s, a dental surgery in Texas reported the theft of $2500… A few months later a big money bag was found in that comfy couch in the waiting room!

6. This one takes the gold medal! In the 1990’s Alan Derrick invited his friend Dennis Pring to be his tenant completely unauthorised by the landlord. He knew he would need to keep the arrangement a secret in order to avoid the risk of being evicted. This became more complicated when Pring passed away sometime in 1998 – but Derrick had a solution. He hid Pring’s body under the sofa and it stayed there for a good ten years before it was discovered. Derrick wasn’t evicted though, he had left the flat long before the body was found!

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