Scotch Guarding your Leather Goods

Posted on June 27th, 2014

Scotch Gard will prevent stains, dirt and grime from penetrating the fibres of your leather goods by creating an invisible barrier. It does not alter the original look or feel of the leather.

The chemical is safe and extremely effective when applied correctly with the accurate measurements and techniques. When applied properly, it will create a protective shield that repels liquid, dirt and grime, thus giving you the time you need to clean the spills and prevent stains.

See our photos below illustrating how effective Scotch Gard can be.

This piece of leather has been scotch guarded on the left side.  A cup of coffee is spilt and see what happens ! The results are amazing.

small 1
small 2
small 3

Its not too late to save your leather goods, call the office now to book your scotch guard appointment.