One of the biggest challenges with classic and vintage cars is keeping the natural charm and character that develops through the ageing process. To put a new interior into an old car can look out of place and may actually ruin the appeal of the vehicle.
When we are faced with restoration of old interiors we will normally try to make the best of what is there. This means keeping the replacing of leather to a minimum and ensuring all finishes have an aged look that is in keeping with the vintage of the car.

We have recently completed this kind of work on a 1935 Morris 10. The car was in beautiful condition on the outside, but the interior was looking more than a little tired, with ripped leather and broken springs… what would you expect after 80 years.

This is from the owner of the vehicle.

The Leather Surgeons took on the job of Restoring the leather seats on my 1935 Morris 10 Series 2. After 80 years of use the front seats were quite badly worn and in places the leather was split, also the backs of the front seats were very shabby. They repaired and restored the front seats also fitted new uncut moquette to the backs that I had in stock. They then re-coloured all seats to match. Thank you Leather surgeons for an excellent job, to have recovered would have lost all the originality, that has been preserved. Well done.
Doug T
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